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Welcome To Team Building

Ballrooms are lousy places to teach team building. Instead, use the natural charm of Arizona to bring your group together. Let the beautiful desert landscape work its magic on your group as we put them in a more relaxed, open state of mind. Surround your attendees with green parks and mountains and you’ll be amazed at the results. Every Destination Arizona Conference Planners-approved session teaches an important team principle, cleverly disguising it as fun in the Arizona sun. Most of these events can be staged in a number of places, making the Valley your playground. We can customize any of our popular events; so if you’re looking for something specific, just let us know.

Our Team Building Services Include:

Creative customization of events, based on your direction Transportation services (when required) Professional, uniformed coordinators to orchestrate entire event Uniformed referees (where applicable) Set up and tear down of all equipment and props Portable sound system for announcements and music (location permitting) First Aid station (when required) Location recommendations when events are not staged at your hotel Electrical supply (if required) Arrangements for disposal of building materials Refreshments and water.

Team Building Ideas
Chili Cook-off

Chili Cook-Off combines fun corporate icebreakers with a spicy cooking competition, designed to increase camaraderie within a group. To ensure a great experience, aspects of these team building activities may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Build a Teepee

The group will be given all necessary equipment, instructions and tools to build a teepee.  Once the team has an understanding of what is expected of them all verbal communication must stop.  The teepee has to be built and each member of the group must paint a symbol on the canvas in complete silence.  Teepees will be judged based on creativity, structure stability and total time elapsed

Horseback Riding
The BEST of Phoenix Horseback riding that’s suitable for beginners and advanced riders. Private and group trail rides are available. We offer an experience well beyond traditional head to toe riding. We strive to properly introduce new riders to the sport of western horseback riding on gentle horses. Whether you’re a beginner or an advance rider, we welcome all to come and enjoy this wonderful sport. Just minutes away from Central Phoenix where our 2400 acre property is home to some of the most breathtaking scenes in all of the Southwest.
For Team builders The Horse to Heart Experience is a magical two-hour session that will enormously impact your life, whether you're familiar with horses or not.  Andrea Cramer's gifted ability to interpret interactions between humans and horses help individuals and executives gain insight into what's keeping them from getting what they want out of life and producing desired results in their career
Amazing Kayaking Race

Enjoy this beautiful Scottsdale team building even that's part adventure race and part amazing race.  Small teams race through the desert and compete in team challenges to achieve the ultimate victory: bragging rights around the office!  Enjoy this 3/4 day team energizer packed with adventure and excitement. The amazing adventure race is a fun, competitive event that has something for everyone, competitive or not.  Teams race to earn as many points as possible before the official end of the race.  Win or not, this fast paced team building program is sure to energize! Teams race and compete in team challenges, road blocks, peak adventures, geo-caching (treasure hunts), photo missions and team discussions. Peak adventures include rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking and river kayaking.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

As you gently leave the Earth, you'll be amazed at how light the balloon feels. During the flight you have unobstructed 360-degree views, allowing for breathtaking photographs. Your pilot will explore a variety of altitudes, up to 3,000 feet in the air for a marvelous overview of the valley, to just under 400 feet from the ground where you are able to see the sights and sounds of desert life. By changing altitude, your pilot may also be able to change direction by finding a shift in wind currents at another level.

Clue Scavenger Hunt

Teams will read through one clue at a time leading them to a destination on property, once at that destination they will receive an “anonymous” tip or CLUE from our eye-witness and informers. The team who returns to Sherlock Holmes first with the crime solved correctly receives a “cash” reward. The cash is chocolate gold coins and caramel bars of gold wrapped in a REWARD bag. A murder mystery that has your guests actually doing all the investigative work!

Ropes Course & Zip Line

Intense team building or just a light day out of the office, the ropes course and zip line event can provide either one. A Ropes/Challenge Course is a team building program that incorporates communication, trust, problem solving and fun. The Ropes/Challenge Course includes: Games and Initiatives, Problem-Solving Activities, and High Ropes Course.  Each of these can be customized to best fulfill the needs of your group and create an experience that provides the greatest opportunity for group development

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