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Event Themes & Party Concepts

Destination Arizona offers unlimited options for theme events.  Please consult with your salesperson so that we may custom create a memorable event. 
To truly immerse your guests in a theme, turn to Destination Arizona. Let us create the attitude and the ambience that will make your next theme event a hit. In your ballroom or in one of the area’s versatile venues, we know how to surround your guests with pure themed atmosphere. We’ve listed some concepts here, but we find that most people want more than what a pre-set event can offer. So let us enhance one of the concepts below with Destination Arizona-approved components that will make the evening’s illusion more of a reality.  Please note that all theme parties are customized for each client and pricing will depend on specific inclusions.  Please contact Destination Arizona for pricing on any of our themed events.

​A Few of Our Themes & Entertainment Ideas 

Arabian Night Fantasy

Journey back in time to the opulent Far East, where extravagance and luxury were chic. Sensuous mystery permeates this richly styled, color drenched decor package. Welcome to the mystery and romance of the East…indulge in the experience. As guests enter this exotic scene they will pass Sentries, dressed in brightly colored costumes with swords at their sides. Shades of purple, gold and lush vermilion draw the seeker of secrets to the Market Palace. Approximately 24’ tall x 32’ long, the 12’ x 10’ canopy Palace is richly adorned with exotic fabric, jewels and fauna, and features a golden Onion Dome entrance. In addition, eight (8) Onion Domes, clusters of exotic Palm Trees and Sculptures fill in space around the room’s perimeter creating an “Oasis” environment. Strewn about the area, elegant Persian Rugs, assorted Colored pillows, Ornate Fans and Baskets of lush Feather and Floral Arrangements complete the setting. Rich gold, white, and jewel tone fabrics swaged from the ceiling gives the event a rich, luxurious feel. The Palace and stage are both spectacularly uplit with a rich rainbow of color. Incense and Arabian Music fill the air as guests approach four (4) 10’ x 10’ jewel tone tents, inside which Fortune Tellers and Genies practice the ancient soothsaying arts. Snake Charmers, Palm Readers, and Arabian Musicians weave their hypnotic spells to entertain partygoers.

Art Deco

This evening, invite your guests to visit the dramatic era of the 1920's with our classic and refined Art Deco evening, ideal for any awards or black tie event.  As guests enter the ballroom, gorgeous, larger than life canvas reproductions of Erte Ladies represent the sophistication and drama of this era.  Cabaret entertainment and rich reds and black for table decor are reminiscent of the glitzy 'getaway' clubs of the 1920’s. Dramatic lighting on glass block panels and sensational Art Deco statues provides the ambiance for the wonderful evening ahead. The stage is enhanced with black draping and large glass block panels with dramatic back lighting, balanced at each end with 5' Art Deco statues on large golden pedestals.  Palm trees add greenery and a touch of class to the scene. Around the perimeter of the room, the canvas Erte Ladies speak for themselves.  These tall reproductions are full of color and glamour, and provide the perfect ambiance for an eve ning of elegance and style.  
 Suggested Table Decor: Tables are dressed in floor length black linen, silver lame overlays and black napkins.  The centerpiece will consist of a black top hat filled with calla lilies, with a red rose and a white glove set beside.  The chairs are covered in black with silver bands for the full effect; Or Begin with white floor length linen and black napkins.  The centerpiece of luscious red roses serves as the base for a cabaret lamp.  The chairs are covered in black with white chair bands.  This detailed look complements the classic refined decor.

I Love The 80's

Over the top neon, eclectic and loud. Breakout the hairspray and shoulder pads… We’re gonna party like its 1985

Southwest Elegance

Treat your guests to an evening of "Southwest Elegance", an atmosphere which creates the illusion of dining in the majestic deserts of the southwest.  The essence of a desert city at twilight is captured through the use of a dramatic nighttime moon, cactus and extraordinary lighting. Clusters of Saguaro cactus (giants of the desert), prickly pear, and Cholla cactus are placed throughout.  Each stand of cacti is dramatically uplit in pinks, purple and amber, and framed in a 10' copper 'window'. Simulating the beauty of the desert sky at night, the stage features howling coyotes and a beautiful full moon backed by a 20' star drop drape.  From this dramatic setting, a contemporary band with a western flair delights guests throughout the evening. Around the room, additional soft colored lighting enhances the evening's elegant celebration of the Southwest. 
Suggested Table Decor: Tables are dramatically draped in purple linens with copper lame overlays and purple napkins.  Theme centerpieces consist of 4' tall copper frame saguaro cactus with votive candles placed in the frame to create a toasty lighting effect around the room.  Gorgeous purple and white florals at the base of each centerpieces lend a dramatic touch of desert mystery. 

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