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When you’re searching for sandy surfaces in the Valley, there’s only one place to find them - on one of the area’s gorgeous golf courses. Arizona golf is truly unique; a rare mix of desert and mountains makes the courses here as interesting as they are challenging. Destination Arizona can do absolutely everything for your golfers; securing preferred tee-times, organizing a tournament, ordering the latest high-tech balls, securing rental clubs, shoes and other golf-related necessities at any of our Destination Arizona-approved courses.  The Valley of the Sun hosts some of the most exquisite courses in the U.S. from green stadium courses to challenging desert and links; there is a course for every player.  Destination Arizona can organize all aspects of your groups’ golf outing including golf bag handling, transportation to the course, greens fees, golf carts and tournament preparation and scoring. For competition play we can arrange contests and prizes such as closest to the pin, longest drive, low gross, low net, and even a prize for the highest score.  We can even add box lunches while on the course. 

Hot Air Ballooning


Phoenix is one of the best cities in the country for Ballooning.  Everyone will enjoy the serenity of a hot air balloon ride as they float peacefully over the beautiful Sonoran Desert while marveling at the spectacular views.  Flights are offered daily at sunrise throughout the entire year.  Included are roundtrip transfer from most hotels, 1-hour flight, traditional postflight ceremony, a warm breakfast and presentation of a commemorative first flight certificate.

Hummer Tours


The H-1 Hummer is arguably one of the most advanced and rugged 4x4 vehicles on the planet.  Used by the US Military, these off-road beasts can navigate terrain that no other vehicle can.  And they'll prove it!  Strap in, hold on and let's roll! In a Hummer you'll be able to get further into the desert and see things inaccessible to the average day-adventurer.  Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Sonoran Desert with professional guides and the most up-to-date equipment.  Depending on the tour, you could see Indian ruins, ghost towns, mountain tops, or you can see what the Hummer can REALLY do.

Guided ATV Tours


With the four-wheel drive blazer & jeep tour you will experience the full range of emotions, from awestruck wonder at the natural beauty of the area to pulsepounding excitement as your well-experienced driver executes the seemingly impossible.  You will climb steep embankments and cross-waterways that appear un-crossable.

Shooting Experience

c700x420 (2).jpg

Arizona's most unique Sonoran Desert shooting experience! Enjoy the picturesque views of this majestic desert as you learn basic shooting skills from our seasoned firearm instructors! Once we arrive at our designated shooting site, our experienced NRA Certified Instructors will provide everything you need for a safe and educational shooting activity! The Shooting Experience begins with an in-depth Firearm Safety Debriefing.  Next, each shooter will fire a full 15 Round Magazine from the famous Glock 9MM Handgun.  To top off the experience each shooter will fire one 30 Round Magazine from the infamous AK-47 SemiAutomatic Assault Rifle!

NASCAR Driving


Richard Petty’s Driving School tours the nation making several stops in Phoenix!  Located at Phoenix International Raceway, Petty’s class will allow you to ride along as a passenger or take control of the wheel and muscle a real NASCAR certified vehicle around the main track.  Learn about drafting, cornering speeds, and the technicalities of pit crew work. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Hiking the Havasu Canyon trail


Three thousand feet beneath the rim of the Grand Canyon, the five waterfalls of Havasu Canyon are a nearly impossible blue-green shade that even Crayola couldn’t hope to match. One of the most incredible outdoor adventures in the States — whether you decide to hike, ride a horse, or take a helicopter to the falls — the strenuous 8-mile trip between Hualapai Hilltop and the water forces you to earn the spectacular views that await. Once in the canyon, a dirt trail will take you over two small bridges to turquoise swimming holes and waterfalls that reach up to 200 feet high.

For at least the last 800 years, the Havasupai (“People of the Blue-Green Waters”) tribe has lived here and cared for the falls and land around them. When you visit, keep in mind that this isn’t just a tourist destination — it’s a place central to the identity of the Havasupai people.

Indoor Kart Racing


Indoor Kart racing is like no other motor sport. The karts are small, low, fast and give a whole new meaning to "handles like it is on rails". It is no surprise that every major Formula race car driver started in and trains in karts. Sitting mere inches off the ground, you 'feel' every movement, every turn. Indoor karting is not about absolute top speed, but the ability to 'carry' speed throughout the entire course. It looks rough and tumble, but in fact is an extremely 'elegant' and precise form of driving. The tight track and proximity of the karts is what makes karting so competitive. The difference between a perfect lap and a so-so one is enormous!

Mountain Biking


It’s part scenic tour, part roller coaster and all fun when your group elects to mountain bike their way across the trails of the Sonoran Desert.  Your tour guides add the perfect flourish to the trip with glimpses into the storied history of this grand landscape.  The trails are easy to maneuver but challenging and dynamic enough to keep everyone’s interest.  The scenery is nothing short of spectacular, and will give your riders an experience they’ll remember for years to come

Geronimo’s shadow at Chiricahua National Monument


Chiricahua National Monument is a maze of volcanic rock spires in the southeastern corner of Arizona. Boulders balance on top of each other so precariously it can feel as if the laws of physics have been suspended.

Covering nearly 12,000 acres, this is where Native American warrior Geronimo and other Apaches hid and planned attacks against the invading U.S. Army. Today, the national monument is notable for hiking trails and birdwatching — look out for bald eagles and prairie falcons. For an unbeatable view, be sure to check out Massai Point.

Summit Weavers Needle


Raft the Grand Canyon


Backpack to Havasu Falls


Hike the West Fork Trail in Sedona


Hike Camelback Mountain


Probably the most popular trail in the Phoenix Valley and a must-do for any first time visitor to get a feel for AZ hiking, Camelback Mountain hosts 2 summit trails: Echo Canyon & Cholla Trail on one of Phoenix’s most prominent landmarks. Both trails gain approximately 1200 feet, offer little to no shade, and enjoy the footsteps of big crowds – but also offer escape from the surrounding city below, beautiful views, easy access and one of the most classic climbs: The Praying Monk.

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