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An Introduction to the Valley and the Desert Southwest

Could there be a more perfect destination than the desert southwest? Bring your group here and they’ll revel in the perfect climate, spectacular scenery and the spirit of the old west. The only problem is once they’ve set their eyes on Arizona’s offerings, other destinations will seem inadequate. The Phoenix/Scottsdale area embodies all that is good in Arizona. The weather is, well, perfect. Natural wonders are minutes away, instead of hours. The desert is unspoiled and plentiful, and getting around is a breeze. Activities like hiking, jeep tours and biking take place in beautiful environs, not in the heart of a city. Cuisine and shopping are both of the highest caliber, and when you add it all up, it’s an incredible destination for groups of all sizes. All of the resources you need to plan an incredible program are right here, beginning with the staff of Destination Arizona. We live here, we work here, and we love it here. We look forward to sharing our secrets about the area with you, so everyone in your group will get the most out of their experience. If you’re considering the Greater Phoenix area as a group destination, there are some things you may want to know right away.

The Weather and your Wardrobe The greater Phoenix area is a desert environment (see chart for temperatures.) That means you can count on year-round warm weather. It does rain in Phoenix, but it’s usually in short bursts, and most of it falls in February and March. Participants can essentially dress for summer in every month but a few, and usually need little more than a light jacket or sweater on our most crisp winter evenings. The lifestyle here is casual, and only a few restaurants require a jacket, so leave your formal wear at home with that bulky winter coat. Pack lots of cottons and other fabrics that breathe. You’ll need comfortable walking shoes, a swimsuit and your favorite casual wear. Don’t forget the sunglasses!


The Phoenix/Scottsdale area is served primarily by Sky Harbor International Airport (Sky Harbor) and the Scottsdale Airpark (Corporate Jets). Transfer times to area hotels range between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on your final destination.


Liquor Laws

Alcoholic beverages are sold daily in accordance with Arizona State laws. Retail liquor purchases can be made in liquor stores, grocery and drug stores. The purchase and consumption of alcohol is limited to persons 21 years of age or more. Last call is 2am.

Sales Tax

Arizona State sales tax is currently 6.7%%. Many counties and cities add 1-5%% additional tax. Your pricing is inclusive unless otherwise stated

Driving In Arizona

A valid US or International drivers license is required for all drivers. Rental car agencies require a valid license and a major credit card. Law requires liability insurance. Like all US cities, traffic flows to the right of the road. Child seats are required for all children weighing less than 40 pounds. Child seats are available with car rentals.

Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange services are available at most major hotels. Banks also provide currency exchange services during the general hours of 9am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. Most banks have ATM’s for 24-hour banking.

Time Zone

Arizona operates on Mountain Standard Time (MST), three hours behind the East Coast in the summer and two hours behind the East Coast in the winter.

Transportation Services

While transportation may not be the most exciting component of your itinerary, it is one of the most important. Leave nothing to chance by choosing Destination Arizona Conference Planners transportation services. We use the most reliable companies in the region to provide safe, on-time service for all of our clients, but we don’t stop there. We inspect vehicles. We interview drivers. And we coordinate the details of every move so that you use the fewest possible resources. We want to make every trip as efficient as possible, so allow us to create custom schedules and vehicle packages based on your group’s arrivals, departures, and activities.

Local Transfers

We charter luxury vehicles to serve your group. The most commonly used vehicles we offer are:

Sedans 1 – 2 passengers Luxury SUV 1-4 passengers Limousines 4 – 10 passengers Vans 10 – 14 passengers Sprinter 5 – 12 passengers Trolleys 40 passengers Mini-coaches 18 – 32 passengers Motor coaches 47 – 55 passengers


The most frequently used airport serving the Greater Phoenix area is Sky Harbor International Airport. It’s located approximately 10 – 20 minutes from most Phoenix hotels and 20 – 40 minutes from Scottsdale.

Corporate Jet Arrivals

Corporate Jets and other Corporate Aircraft may arrive into the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas at either the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Executive Terminal or adjacent Aviation Service Centers – or the Scottsdale Airpark’s Executive Terminal. The following information is vital to orchestrate proper ground transfers from these airports to the client’s destination:

Driving Times and Mileage

It may prove helpful to know the driving times and mileage between some of Arizona’s major cities or attractions and the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Please call Destination Arizona for more specifics and information concerning other areas not listed. These distances and driving times are approximate depending upon your point of origin and driving conditions.

  Miles Drive Time
Phoenix – Grand Canyon 247 4:30
Phoenix – Sedona/Oak Creek 125 2:00
Phoenix – Tucson 120 2:20
Phoenix – Payson 100 2:00
Phoenix – Prescott 12 2:15
Phoenix – page 302 5:30
Phoenix – Nogales 187 3:30
Phoenix – Lake havasu 220 4:00
Phoenix – Monument Valley 316 6:00
Phoenix – Flagstaff 146 2:20


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